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Your body is unique, so your supplements should be too

Start your journey to better health with our personalised formulas

Your body is unique, so your supplements should be too.

Start your journey to better health with
our personalised formulas

Choose a product that is right for you

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Choose from our top quality blends of vitamins, minerals and acids
  • Micronutrients to support and maintain your immune system
  • A source of vitally important fatty acids
    (including EPA and DHA)

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Looking for the perfect gift or for a deeper commitment to your body? Look no further! Our beautifully crafted, personalised packages are the best way to monitor and optimise your bioniq LIFE journey
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“People know the tiniest details about their phone, but few remember their blood type or their optimal vitamin D level.”
Vadim Fedotov
CEO & Co-founder bioniq

All bioniq products come in the form of granules. What is so special about them?


Created using high quality micronutrients, our supplements are designed to release their active ingredients slowly – so that your unique blend of vitamins, minerals and microelements are absorbed throughout the course of the day.

We’ve also worked hard to ensure they’re preservative-free, gluten‑free, colourant-free and suitable for vegans.

24/7 activity

Unlike standard nutritional supplements, our granules release their active ingredients over a sustained 12-hour period. By taking your formula twice a day, you receive all your vitamins, minerals and microelements throughout a 24‑hour period.

Discuss your eating habits with Clarissa Lenherr

Our certified nutritionist will set your Personal Nutrition & Lifestyle programme. It will combine your goals, personal meal plans, lifestyle strategies, supplement recommendations, and testing referrals. Follow-ups on progress provided
Special price: £250
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Our History

Top manager and former basketball player for the German national team, Vadim Fedotov, searched for many years for answers to questions about his body, and about how to control and manage his health. Not finding anything worthy in the global market, Vadim decided to independently create a company that deals with preventive and anti-aging solutions in the context of a healthy lifestyle.

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Our Mission

To make health accessible, personalised and actionable.

Clinical research

A randomised study by board-certified Prof. Andrew Martusevich, PhD in Medicine and Biology, of 314 bioniq users. Published in the peer-reviewed Journal "Archiv Euromedica" (Germany).

The study shows that there was a significant improvement of the iron plasma and total blood level as well as the ferritin level after taking bioniq.
More about our scientific base

Meet the doctors

Dr. Paul Ettlinger

GP., BM, DRCOG, FRCGP, FRIPH, DOccMedFounder and Medical Director of London General Practice

"The safety of our patients is the absolute priority. bioniq's research-driven approach and the results of their clinical trials and studies are in line with our philosophy. We believe that health needs to be personalised, and the system is tailored around each individual"

Dr Sebastian Kunz

Medical Director,Lanserhof at the Arts Club, London

"bioniq's system offers users a chance to understand their body in more detail and learn how to optimise function"

Dr Shahzadi Harper

GP and founder of the Harper Clinic, London

"What I like about bioniq is that it's personalised and tailored to my body's needs, and everything I need is in one jar. It's a portable one-stop supplement which fulfils my needs, and has helped me sleep better and addressed the deficiencies in my diet"

Dr Amit Sra (M.D, MuDr)

Director of Operations,Cosmebeaute, London

"A clear, succinct and precise approach to personalised healthcare using a unique tested algorithm, bioniq LIFE is tailored to an individual's daily needs. Patients have welcomed this simple effective system and it is a valuable tool in my practice"

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bioniq - biohack your way to a better you

of bioniq customers have improved their microelement status
* based on comprehensive studies on the effectiveness of taking bioniq LIFE for 3 months

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All laboratory data we receive are encrypted.

bioniq does not use or disclose customers’ personal information.

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