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Our Founder's story

Vadim Fedotov, faced a problem.

A former pro athlete, he was in good physical condition. But fatigue and low energy meant he didn’t feel like himself. Doctors told him “you’re fine.” But that wasn’t enough.

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of Bioniq

His journey to address foundational nutrient deficiencies and optimize his health sparked the creation of Bioniq.

At Bioniq, we are passionate about helping more people get the personalized nutritional support they need to perform their best - in whatever they do.

Leadership Team

Bioniq Leadership team

James Hardy, Founder and CFO, Marni Allen, CMO, Vadim Fedotov, Founder & CEO, Oliver Motisi, CPO, Calin Popescu, Founder & CTO

Vadim Fedotov

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer


Vadim Fedotov, our visionary CEO, is a multifaceted leader with a remarkable journey. From his early career as a professional basketball player, he transitioned into the corporate sphere, holding significant CEO positions, including at GRPN. In 2019, he launched Bioniq in London, introducing personalized supplementation system based on extensive blood testing data. Vadim's leadership has garnered trust from top medical institutions, including Lanserhof and King's College Hospital, and secured backing from leading European investment funds. His strategic vision expanded the Bioniq ecosystem with acquisitions like and Loewi, reinforcing his commitment to personalized health.

James Hardy

Co-Founder and Chief Financial Officer


James Hardy brings a wealth of expertise and a rich, 20-year background in the fields of Retail, Fintech, and eCommerce. As a seasoned Chartered Accountant, his proficiency lies in steering consumer-centric businesses towards growth and financial stability. At Bioniq, James plays a pivotal role, overseeing the entire spectrum of financial and operational strategies. This includes managing critical aspects such as Investor Relations, steering Market Expansion efforts, nurturing Franchise opportunities, and leading Fund Raising initiatives. His comprehensive approach and strategic acumen make him an invaluable asset to the Bioniq team, driving the company’s financial health and operational efficiency.

Marni Allen

Chief Marketing Officer


Marni Allen is an accomplished marketing leader with an impressive track record of building brands and driving innovation at Johnson & Johnson and Walgreens Boots Alliance. Named one of EY's 50 UK Women to Watch, Marni is a visionary marketeer who puts consumers at the center of everything she does. Marni is passionate about advancing the future of consumer self care and unleashing the potential of technology to help more people live healthier, for longer.

Oliver Motisi

Chief Product Officer


Oliver Motisi, is a healthtech visionary with 10 years in the industry. Before Bioniq, he worked alongside Europe’s leading athletes, advised early-stage businesses within the femtech sector and acted as a consultant for the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia. Oliver's knack for blending tech and user needs drives Bioniq's innovation, shaping our cutting-edge products.

Advisory Board

Matthijs Schellekens

Former GM and Product Manager in Google’s Area 120


Matthijs's career in building products at Google has focused in recent years on the intersection of AI and health / behavior change. He has led 0-1 products and teams in building consumer applications utilizing AI and specifically Large Language Models. He will leverage this experience to help Bioniq's strategy to enhance its patented algorithm and integrate AI more deeply into the process of delivering personalized health solutions.

Emma Thornton

Chief Brand Officer at Quintessential Brands Group


A luminary in global marketing and brand strategy with a rich background in luxury, sports, health, and beauty sectors. Emma's impressive career includes transformative roles at Nike, where she was the Head of Strategy, Influencer Marketing and Athletes, Weight Watchers as Vice President as well as Chanel.

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